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If you are looking for help to manage your Sales & Purchase Ledger then this is another service we can provide for you. You may not wish to take on a member of staff to do this function and might find that your own time would be better served elsewhere and driving your business forward. By outsourcing your sales ledger/credit control it also removes those embarrassing phone calls to customers that you don’t want to make.

Many businesses under- estimate the importance of this function within the business. With bad debt and cash flow issues cited as two of the main reasons many small businesses fail it’s vital that someone is keeping an eye on yours.

With good sales ledger management and strong credit control procedures in place, a business can improve it’s cash flow position very quickly. Improved cash flow means you have more available cash in order to grow your business – just think what you could do with that cash coming in quickly.

Xero has many features that will help improve cash flow by getting debts in quicker:

  • Online Invoicing – your customers can just click on the payment link on the online invoice
    See at a glance any overdue invoices and who owes you the most money. Bulk send invoices and statements to all your customers in one go.
  • Set expected payment dates to help manage cash flow.
  • Set up recurring invoices and payment reminders which can be sent without having to log on.
  • In addition to the sales ledger function, we can also manage your purchase ledger. You send us your purchase invoices (there are many ways they can be done remotely) and we enter them onto your accounting system and set the payment dates etc.

It is important to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers and to ensure that you take full advantage of credit facilities offered with jeopardising any future benefits they may offer you such as prompt delivery and preferable discounted rates.

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