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Here at Daventry Accounting Services we like to refer to bookkeeping as ‘the nuts and bolts’ of accounting – it’s the thing that keeps it together and we live and breathe debits and credits!

From day to day processing of purchase invoices, sales invoices, bank reconciliations and petty cash through to more complex tasks which may include preparing accruals and prepayments, dealing with depreciation and reconciling CIS (Constructors in Industry) with HMRC and payroll.Daventry Bookkeeping

Traditionally book-keeping tasks were mainly limited to recording journals into the ledger accounts for sales and purchases using double entry, balancing the accounts off and extracting a trial balance in order to give to the accountant to complete. Accuracy is the absolute key with book-keeping as this will result in more meaningful data, which usually meant a book-keeper spent many an evening trying to get the trial balance to balance.

Now with the advent of computerised accounting packages, journal entries and transaction processes are speeded up and a book-keeper may well get involved in more complex transactions before the accounts are passed over for final preparation by an accountant.

Here, we use Xero Accounting Software for all book-keeping tasks. Xero is a cloud based accounting software package designed for the small to medium size enterprise.

Being cloud based it can be used anywhere with an internet connection – imagine yourself away from the desk at a meeting or perhaps on the beach in Hawaii and you wanted an up to date cash figure or to check a customer balance, well with Xero it is that simple. You can even set up invoice reminders to your customers without even logging and with the online payment function your invoices will be paid much faster.

The book-keeping would be done at our office but distance is not really a problem due to the different methods of sharing data available to us.

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Our charges for basic book-keeping start at £20 per hour or if you would prefer we could look at costing out a monthly package for you.

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