Xero Payroll at Accountex – Done!

I have to say this last week has been an amazing experience. I was privileged to be asked by Xero to help demo their payroll feature at Accountex which was being held at the Excel centre this week. Accountex is an annual event which this year saw nearly 6500 accountancy professionals coming through the doors over the two days.

Needless to say, I was pretty nervous about doing my first presentation particularly as I was ‘miked up’ and putting myself forward to be asked awkward questions. In the end, everything went really well and I was able to deal with the majority of questions – the technical questions on pensions were handled by my colleague Vikki.

The payroll function within Xero now has some really cool features that help speed up efficiencies and enable employees to collaborate with their managers and payroll team much easier. For instance, they have a portal called ‘My payroll’ which means employees can log in and change their personal details, complete their own times sheets, request time off and download previous payslips/P60 etc. An App called ‘Xero Me’ can also be downloaded free of charge on IOS or Android which means employees can complete timesheets, request holidays etc on a mobile device. If your’e anything like me I am constantly updating things on my phone or tablet and this flexibility is a real bonus.

Auto enrolment………aaaaarghhhh I hear you say! Well, providing you enter the information that is prompted to you, then Xero will automatically pick up when an employee falls within the Auto enrolment threshold and notifies you, giving you the option to accept or postpone. It will also direct you to help pages to draft employee letters. This will take the pressure off many small business owners who do not have dedicated HR or payroll departments.

Anyway, I’m really excited about Xero payroll and for once I actually enjoy doing the pay runs for my clients now I have them on Xero – how lucky am I :)

If you have any support or training needs on Xero payroll or indeed the core Xero accounting software, please feel free to contact me.

Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software

Hi, thanks for visiting the blog page – this is going to be the first of a series on how you can make efficiency savings within your day to day accounting processes, and moreover to make accounting enjoyable!

As you will have probably gathered from my website I just love –Xero Accounting Software

I often get asked why do I love it so much. For me personally here are  the 3 main advantages

Cloud Based Accounting

Because Xero is cloud based it can be used anywhere. The cloud is a software that can make data accessible anytime anywhere from any device with an internet connection. This means you are not tied to a PC at a particular desk anymore.

I recently had a meeting with a potential client who had a bookkeeper using a non-cloud based system 40 miles away from the office. He had to ask for financial reports or cash flow reports and usually by the time these were presented to him, they were out of date. With online accounting, current, live data is available at his fingertips it gave him much more control of his business, his debtors and ultimately his cash flow.

Multi User

With Xero you pay a competitively priced monthly subscription based on your requirements and this will give access to as many users as your organisation requires. You can even invite your accountant or adviser to have access avoiding the need to send hard copies of data over to your adviser and the risks that this may cause.

Ease of use

Xero has been designed for small to medium sized businesses. A lot of small business owners do not have a detailed knowledge of accounting but the layout of the system is logical and extremely user friendly. I was astounded by the ability to drill deeper and deeper into the system to access information. There are many videos, live webinars, help pages and email support. Visit Xero U or Xero TV to to give you an idea of the online support available.

Why not have a quick look at this short video  which demonstrates why Xero is so popular with small businesses

Over the coming weeks I will be posting ideas on how you can speed up processing and improve efficiencies within your own organisation